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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Funny question I was asked today :-)

When I dropped Stas and Ricky off at school today, one of Stas' teachers asked if we have been cleaning at home. I laughed.

My friend comes to help me clean once a week and Stas is fascinated with all of it. The vacuum, the broom, the mop and the duster...

...oh, the duster. That is his favorite.

"Oh wait, it might be more fun to push this table over instead...again."

Do you have any idea how happy I was to get this lock on this broom closet.....PURE BLISS!! I have a few extra hours to my day now where I don't have to protect the walls, clean up brooms, dustpans, vacuum parts and protect peoples eyes and heads from flailing broom handles. The windows too. Yikes.

How do you suppose I get him to learn to pick up after himself now? I long to hear the teacher say, "have you been teaching Stas to pick up at home?" Only in my dreams. None of my kids seem to have learned that job, why should he?

Don't you clean you cabinets and oven with a broom?

:-) Love that boy!!!!


  1. Hey Gretchen,

    Would Stas come over to visit us and do some dusting? :) He looks too cute doing all of his chores.


  2. Oh you can so send him my way too :) He is just too cute for words doing all that cleaning... If you figure out that picking up thing clue me in because my kids still struggle with it :)

  3. I'm with Patty! Let him come over to our house and visit! He and Nadia can have a 'cleaning date'. :)