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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nice article....

 I can't say that I am thrilled about having an article written about us. But, I can say that I am fine doing it if it draws attention to some of my passions: adoptions, special needs, Down syndrome, family, and organizations that I like. This article did it well I think:


I suppose I can't put a post w/o a photo or two, so here are a few from the concert that she is referring to. We had a benefit for Healing Haiti and Reece's Rainbow. The money raised, almost 25K will be divided up between the two organizations. Actually, more will go to HH b/c of the number of their attendees. Shawn Mullins performed. He was wonderful. Again, another magical evening. The rain made us move inside, but oh well, you do what you need to do. The kids and Dan and I worked hard to have it outside, but it's just what you do, right?

Shawn Mullins

Rachel and Charlie Meyer, Becky and Alina Wangerin, and Me and Stas (with cake on his face!)

Cutie Pie Stas!  Referred to every so kindly recently as the Stasinator!!!!!

Maggie raised $347 selling bowls that the girls made and some sweet little bottle cap magnets that a friend, Sophie W. donated....THANKS Sophie!


  1. What a great article! Vickie said it was a fun concert..sorry we couldn't make it but maybe next year...

  2. Beautiful article Gretchen! I love your comment about Ricky being dessert! :) I'm amazed that you make the time for coordinating such successful fundraisers! You go girl! And again, I'm sorry I dropped out of sight and didn't get you the pictures you asked for. :(