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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Getting the word out where we can

The Reece's Rainbow gang
 When you have a passion for something, you want to get the word out however you can. Today we were blessed to go to the high school that my older two children attend---Totino-Grace High School--- to do just that.
Toma and his dad, Rich (aka "Richy" to me :-)  and big brother Shane (Isn't he handsome ...and very nice, too.) I think any kid that treats their younger siblings so sweetly is extra cute!! Toma and Stas were in the same orphanage :(

Leah and her Axel, who is such a doll! I could take him home in a heartbeat. Axel was born in Serbia and has been with his family now for only 2 MONTHS....I can't believe it. He has learned so much in such a short period of time.

Becky and Alina. What a beautiful girl and beautiful family. Alina spent her first years in another orphanage in Ukraine.
Each year the Respect Life group sponsors a Games 4 Life day where they raise awareness and some funds for an organization. This year is was RR.

While the 16 teams of 4  were settling in for lunch,  I couldn't help but play this video....they loved it. This boy rapping with no front teeth about his little sis with DS....I mean really....too much.

It is difficult to sum up what RR is, what it does, what it means to be an orphan in Eastern Europe, etc.... It is hard to do it justice. Hopefully looking at each of these 4 children whose lives are forever changed is enough to do something within them. Each family spoke a little bit about their experience of adopting. Wish their was more time.

It looks like so far they raised a total of $300 towards the adoption of a child from the RR site. I don't know who they will choose yet. They will decide. The moderator of the group said it is so difficult to go on that site and choose one child, so they will have to try something creative I guess.

If you haven't been to Reece's Rainbow, please click HERE  and go check it out. Follow families' journeys to their child. Let your heart be moved and support a child. I know one person right now who is having a "give-a-way" (Living in the Light) with some awesome items and another who is begging for money in a more unique way (Chasing Moonlight)...she is the witty one!

Thanks Rich, Shane, Toma, Becky, Alina, Alina's two brothers, Leah, Axel and all of the TG staff and students that made this happen.


  1. Oh my so cute! LOVE LOVE that video... with his two front teeth missing even cutier!.

    I love the pics of the reece's families. I follow Axel's story too. Take care.

  2. Wow, Gretchen, what a treat to see some RR families together. It is so wonderful that your childrens' school is getting involved and supporting RR.
    Julia got her new "Stas" glasses, as we call them, today and they are so much better than the first pair we ordered. Thanks for the info.
    I'll e-mail you soon regarding our favorite topic, h-pylori.

  3. That is such a cute video!! I can't wait to one day meet some of the RR kids.

  4. It was a good time, and the kids were really receptive! Thanks for inviting us!

  5. What a great opportunity!!! I'm sure the high school kids were blessed by seeing the RR kids and hearing you talk about adoption, respecting life, etc. You're quite the advocate and God is using you in BIG ways my friend!!!

    Where was Jodi? Stuck in her snowglobe???